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Thursday, 24 November 2011 20:06

Message from our friend...

Casey Lartigue, Jr., Director, International Relations, Center for Free Enterprise, Seoul, South Korea



You are invited to…


We will be having a special showing of Atlas Shrugged at the Center for Free Enterprise office. We are planning on Sunday December 11, I will follow up in a few days with final details. I first read the book Atlas Shrugged back when I was about to graduate from college. I was then a liberal Democrat who even leaned socialist. The book changed my life and the way I think. You are not required to know anything about the book in order to attend the movie.



For anyone with questions about the movie, Ayn Rand or Objectivism in general, you will be in luck because a few of my Objectivists friends should be in attendance. Again, to repeat: You are invited to attend even if you don’t know anything about the book or movie. Please email me to let me know if you plan on joining us. There’s no charge. Popcorn and soft drinks shall be served. But please leave your tear gas or other weapons at home, they are only allowed to be used at the National Assembly if you are trying to block the KORUS FTA.




Because we are building things from scratch, I am working harder than I have in a long time.




Okay, I did my best to write that with a poker face. Of course, I’m not working harder. Even in my first job many, many moons ago, I quickly mastered the skill of delegating all of my work. Back then, I was a slacker. Now, as director, I am doing my job by having others do my work! If only I could have started my career as a director…


Thankfully, Hana Lee, the newly hired International Relations Team Research Assistant, has brought us into the digital age. We now have a functioning blog, Facebook page, Facebook fan page, YouTube channel with new videos and information. Please check them out, bookmark them, comment, like us, fan us, subscribe, whatever is the correct lingo for the particular sites...


Aaron McKenzie just joined us as a Research Fellow, we will be collaborating on things starting in a few months. He never has an unpublished thought, so he hasn’t waited to start commenting on things… Joongang-ilbo and Korea Times.


I’m been praised internally as a genius for finding both of them, but I feel like Michael Jordan’s high school basketball coach being called a genius for saying, “Hey, I think this kid might be pretty good.”


I have been focused on planning two huge events for next year and building infrastructure to the International Relations department. I will be posting on the blog on a routine basis, starting with today’s comment about Warren Buffett. I still enjoy non-policy writing, such as a short non-political reflection that I published in yesterday’s Korea Times. Not that I would want my boss to know, but I was kind of bored sitting at my desk all day so I escaped to a coffee shop, where I was accosted by a Korean toddler trying to force me to share his drink.


I will be interviewed on China Radio International tomorrow (Thursday) for an hour about the failure of the US Super Committee to come to an agreement on budget cuts.





Casey Lartigue, Jr.

Director, International Relations

Center for Free Enterprise

Seoul, South Korea


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“If I can’t dance then I don’t want to join your revolution.”

--Emma Goldman (attributed)

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