Powerball Lottery Strategies – How to Select a Bonus Number

Mega Millions lottery players face the same dilemma. What to do about the troublesome Bonus number? One way to increase your chances of winning is by studying the winning numbers from the lottery in the past. Unfortunately, there is not much bonus number data 동행복권 파워볼 중계. There is only one drawing per year. It is difficult to identify patterns and trends. It is a guess for most players. But it doesn’t have be this way. You can play smart. This involves betting the odds. This is how it might be done.

First, create a database with the bonus numbers. You will need numbers from 1 through 46. You can decide how big the database should be, but it shouldn’t be too large that one additional drawing has a significant impact on the results. 100 drawings is the minimum required, but the more the better. The list below contains the last 146 numbers.

To analyze the data, I converted them to Excel. Analyzing the numbers can be difficult because there are only one drawing per number. However, I find something that is useful and Mega Millions didn’t disappoint. Here are the results.

It is always useful to know how often the same lottery numbers are repeated. The Bonus numbers were also interesting to me. They were repeated 6 times back in 146 drawings. It was eight times the same number as the previous two drawings. Etc. Some of you may be asking: “But, how does it help me?” Good question.

Mega Millions’ Mega Millions lottery has the last five Bonus numbers repeating 10% of the times. This means that 95% of the times the number isn’t one of the 5 Bonus numbers, but rather from the remaining 41 numbers. You will get 90% accuracy if you choose your number from the list. Your odds of correctly selecting the Mega Millions Bonus numbers are 1 in 46.

A further 20% chance is that a bonus number from the previous 10 drawings will be repeated. Therefore, the number won’t be one of the 10 Bonus numbers in 80% of cases. You will therefore be correct 80% of time if you use the 36 number pool. Your odds of winning are 1 in 36, or 80%, for every five drawings.

There will be some whiners out there who will say, “That’s not a big deal.” He’s clearly not a professional gambler. We are doing the exact same thing as professional gamblers. They are betting on the odds. This will pay off over time and over the long-term.

Still need some convincing? Listen to this. This data was provided by the Mega Millions lottery website. The Bonus number was correctly guessed by 476,973 players in the Mega Millions draw. We’ll assume that they selected the number from the 46-number pool. If everyone chose their Bonus number from the 36-number pool, then there was an 80% chance that 609 466 wagers would contain the winning Bonus number. This means that there are 132,493 additional people who have wagers that contain the winning Bonus number. This is an additional $264,986 payout, even if all other numbers are correct. In other words, the lottery would need to pay $264 986 more if it won 80% of the times.

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